Marine Conservation Prints

Sarah-Jane has spent the last four years living on a boat and has spent much of that time sailing around the Hauraki Gulf observing marine life along the way . The following art prints for sale are a response to the declining state of the Hauraki Gulf due to over fishing, marine pollution and climate change but also a celebration of the ocean and the wonderful creatures that inhabit it .

20% of proceeds from the sale of each print will go, through the Hauraki Gulf Conservation Trust to the Waiheke Marine Project

The project is an initiative fully driven in partnership by mana whenua and the Waiheke community to protect and regenerate Waiheke Island’s marine environment.

Further details and prices follow below gallery:

The prints are an acknowledgment to Te Ao Māori as we work together to bridge the gap between Western Science and Mātauranga Māori to restore a balance within the environment and solve increasingly alarming environmental issues.

Prints are available to buy online at