Sarah-Jane is an artist, theatre designer and deviser. She studied theatre design at the Motley Theatre Design Course, London, UK.

Currently she is working on an interactive art project which will be taken to sea. Watch this space and for a ships log see www.darthandstormy.com.

Performance work has included design for the following fringe theatre, dance and live art events in the UK & NZ: ‘Antigone’- Theatre Behind Bars project at Paremoremo Prison, ‘The Wild Seed Thief’- Kate Parker for Auckland Theatre Company, ‘Maui Me Te Ra’- Auckland Theatre Company, ‘The Floating Theatre’-Winning Productions, ‘This Way Out’- Mixit, Refugee youth arts, ‘The Rime Of The Modern Mariner’- Playground Collective, ‘The Elephant Thief’- Indian Ink, ‘Bird Booth’, ‘The Punch Show’ and ‘Shoot the Freak’ -Devil Deep Blue, ‘How the Kiwi Bird Lost It’s Wings’-Hawkins Theatre, ‘Trash to Fashion’, ‘and ‘Chatter of Starlings’- Red Leap Theatre co., ‘Before You Can Run’-Lost Dog Dance co. ‘Trial of the Mariner’-Lotos Collective, ‘Jew(ish)’- Eye Spy Arts, ‘The Death of The Cool’-Imperial productions.

Educational work: ‘Tales of Tamaki’-Red Leap workshop at the Auckland Museum 2015, Puppetry mentorship for the ‘Young and Hungry Festival’-Basement Theatre, Theatre Design for Battersea503 ‘Five O Fresh’ youth project. Performance workshops and design for a site specific production of ‘Hamlet’ with the Lincoln school in Kathmandu, Nepal. Design and performance for a live art event and community project, ‘Napoli Scorticarta’ in Naples, Italy, with the Lotos Collective.

Sarah-Jane’s own work investigates dark and macabre themes with a sometimes surreal humor and naive aesthetic. She seduces the viewer into an unexpected world with underlying currents of a bizarre and menacing nature. Man vs Nature and the decline of the environment is a strong theme throughout her work.

Art work exhibited in the following galleries: Medcalf gallery London and Rebecca Hossack gallery London